Our Consulting team is built around a commitment to provide quality business information that drive excellent values for customers and profitability. We provide services with a cost-effective and in-depth understanding of consumers and market segments. We develop our system capable of handling nation-wide research projects.

Research Services

Why Us?

Our research capabilities range from comprehensive strategic programs to concise ad hoc addressing a single tactical issue, serve from multi-national companies to local small and mid-sized firms. We are skilled in the wide variety of quantitative and qualitative techniques, providing you with a seamless connection between all phase of your marketing program. You can count on us for actionable information that goes beyond raw data to help you better understand your target market and their decision-making process.

In-house Training

Build Your Competency!

The complete thrust of our training design is fulfilling one objective: YOUR COMPETENCY. Our training program range from in-depth and applied research techniques to wider views of marketing strategies for growing customer value and profitability. You can also enjoy our expertise in your defined training program at your convenient schedules.

Marketing Consulting

Consult Us!

Do you need a marketing consultant? Discover the secrets to marketing success. We employ the underlying basis for strategic marketing planning & implementation as well as marketing performance evaluation & strategy refinement. We will closely assist you to grow your market orientation, customer value and business profitability.

Did You Know?

  • It is far more costly to win a new customer than it is to maintain an existing one.
  • The average business loses between 10% and 30% of its customers each year, often without knowing.

Meet Our Team

The team at MUC Research come from a variety of backgrounds, allowing us to offer a broad spectrum of services to our clients. In addition, we have a wide network of associates who can contribute specialist expertise when required. For more information on each member of our team, see the profiles below.

Dr. Taridi Kasbi Ridho
Dr. Taridi Kasbi Ridho
As a Master of Business Administration from the Australian Nasional University, Canberra, Australia and Bachelor of Economics from Airlangga University, Surabaya. Taridi is well experienced in various business consulting fields. This author of book title “Competitive Intelligence: A Strategic Tool to Win Competition” is experienced in various research area including in organizing a research project on effectiveness of IMF Presence in Indonesia, as well as other business research.
Ir. MA. Satyawan, Msi.
Ir. MA. Satyawan, Msi.
This statistician, who has been adopting many research techniques from various research institutions in Indonesia and foreign countries, is a magister science in the same field, i.e. statistics. This ‘Service Excellence’ certificate holder has also been experiencing in becoming for a trainer various seminars and workshops with focus on marketing management, research techniques, statistical comprehensive techniques, customer service and employee opinion measurement, with capability in the quantitative and qualitative aspects.
Dr. Muhammad Razikun
Dr. Muhammad Razikun
He is a Master of Accounting from University of Indonesia and pursuing Phd Program in Public Administration. He has completed Strategic Management Program at London Business School. As a Country Director of Russell Bedford International, a worldwide Business Consultant, he has wide experience in analyzing and solving various business problems. As a practitioner in consulting business, he is often invited as speaker of various seminars or workshops. He actively contributes as an Executive Board Member of INFES (Institute for Economic Studies)

Trusted Partners

We have many partners from various fields, below are some of our partners in the past 10 years