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Symptoms of Heart Attack. First Aid for Heart Attack

Symptoms of heart attack. First aid for heart attack

Device KardiRu will allow you to monitor your heart and not to ustit′ heart attack. You do research and through 30 seconds get automatic conclusion about the State of his heart. Optionally, you can send a study on control of a physician. You will see variation in your heart at an early stage and can promptly see a doctor without a heart attack.

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Heart attack -heavy pathological condition caused by acute emerging downside of blood supply of the heart muscle (associated with occlusion of the blood clot and/or spasms, usually in the area of atherosclerotic plaque artery feeding the heart), as well as the development of ischemia and necrosis (die-off) the plot of this muscle.

Necrosis of cardiac muscle is myocardial infarction. In the first hour of the beginning of attack can occur so-called sudden cardiac or coronary death.

At present, about one third of heart attacks occurring in persons residing in Europe, fatal. And it's not so little, because the number of heart attacks hundreds of thousands of cases a year and is a leading cause of death for the population of the civilized countries.

Most often, death from heart attack occurs within the first two hours and involves the inability of the heart to maintain normal blood circulation in the body. If after a heart attack man remained alive, every day, with frustration from this attack underwent incident, chances of recovery are increasing.

The risk of heart attack is that people usually do not give due attention to the emerging pain and other symptoms typical for heart attack, that is the main mistake, leading to irreversible pathology and to death.

It is therefore necessary to know the basic heart attack symptomsthat may indicate amok.
One of the most common symptoms of a heart attack is prolonged pain localized in the chest. The patient feeling unpleasant pressure in rib cage, sometimes feeling of heartburn.

Pain may occur in the left half of the body: in the hand to the forearm, shoulder blade, the left half of the neck. Also may cause pain in the hands, in the lower jaw, shoulders, in the upper abdomen. Pain in this long and may be pressing, cutting, aching and burning in nature.

Characteristic symptom, pointing to the heart attack, serves as a shortness of breath, even with minimal activity, as well as at rest. This is due to the fact that the heart receives less than the required amount of blood for its normal functioning. In addition, a person can feel weakness, heart palpitations. He may be sweating.

Attention should be drawn to the work of the heart and, if there is fatigue. If this feeling of tiredness does not pass over several days, weeks or even months. Accompany a heart attack can stomach pain, nausea and vomiting. Most often, these symptoms are not associated with heart disease, but you should pay attention to them if they occur in conditions of normal nutrition and are not associated with poor food intake.
Sometimes a temporary loss of consciousness.

A heart attack can be preceded by increased heart rate, manifested in the form of a rapid and irregular heart rate.

The precursors of heart attack can be such a condition like anxiety, discomfort, insomnia.

However, chest pain are not always symptoms of heart attack, since they are characteristic also for finger neuralgia. In order to accurately identify the disease, there are several things to notice:

Conditions that cause pain. Pain, heart disease, usually associated with any load (physical or mental). While neuralgia pain can occur when there is a sharp bend of the trunk or no reason.
Terms of the pain. Pain runs amok when taking nitroglycerin in a few minutes, while from neuralgia the drug ineffective.
Nature of pain. When cardiac pathology pain feeling, cutting, stabbing, aching. Neuralgia-pristupoobraznaya, stabbing belting nature; increases with the movements of the body during coughing, sneezing and deep vdohah.

In addition to symptoms like lumbago, finger has a number of other diseases.
In the case of nausea and stomach pain a heart attack can be confused with food poisoning, its stomach ulcer and acute cholecystitis.

When the right-hand pain the heart pathology is similar to symptoms of pneumonia or Pleurisy. In contrast to these diseases, heart attack almost always is accompanied by symptoms such as weakness, falling blood pressure, shortness of breath.

Symptoms of heart attack is similar and acute pericarditis. The hallmark of pericarditis are noise in the chest that tapped stethoscope. When pericardite pain appears together with fever, increased ERYTHROCYTE SEDIMENTATION RATE and Leukocytosis. Same pain subside in a sitting position.

Heart attack symptoms are similar to shingles. To distinguish this disease from the pathology of the heart, you must explore the places where there is pain. When in the area Zoster pain manifested bubbles on a course of mežrebernogo nerve. TBC diagnosis and lack of changes in the work of the heart by using ECG.

In determining the nature of the pathological process plays a key role and identification of cardiac enzymes in the blood.

The use of KARDIOVIZORA increases detection of abnormalities that lead to heart attack, with 20 (when removing the normal ECG) to 80 per cent (using KARDIOVIZORA).

Classic electrocardiography has a number of drawbacks such as low sensitivity and specificity in relation to some pathological processes in the heart. One of the ways to address the shortcomings of the classical method of research work the heart is dispersion mapping heart signals, which is implemented by the device "CARDIOVISOR". If you use a classical ECG examines teeth, while the modern method of dispersion mapping aims to analyze nizkoamplitudnyh vibrations, which can judge of impending myocardial pathologies long before changes in zubcah. Therefore, using the modern method, you can obtain information about the impending disease at earlier stages.

By becoming a customer of Kardi.Ru, anyone can monitor their health, getting information about the State of heart, not leaving the House. The great advantage of this service is that a person has important information about the condition of his heart, and in the case of threat of heart disease much earlier than when using the standard electrocardiography, learns about the need to see a doctor.

As is known, after a heart attack very often n experiencing relapse. Therefore, a continuous monitoring of patients. Using the service Kardi.Ru, the person gets the opportunity to follow the work of the heart survey yourself at home. And this, of course, makes it possible to monitor the early stages of relapse and on time to see a doctor.

The great advantage of using Kardi.Ru is to preserve the history of all surveys and monitoring changes of heart. In case of any abnormalities immediately alerted people that allows not only to prevent him getting irreversible processes, but very often save his invaluable life. Thanks to Kardi.Ru man gets an opportunity to be always aware of its main organ, the heart.
How to be, if symptoms of heart attack?

The main thing to remember in case of heart attack, is that the longer medical care, the greater the likelihood of damage to the heart muscle. So when symptoms you should call an ambulance.

In addition:

  • The patient should be seated in a chair with armrests or lay in bed with her headboard.
  • Give the patient 0, 25 g of aspirin (pill to chew and swallow) and 0.5 mg nitroglycerin (put under the tongue and don't swallow).
  • To provide fresh air.

You should carefully monitor the condition of the patient. If the pain is gone, then you just need to provide the person calm. If after taking nitroglycerin appeared weakness, shortness of breath and sweating, then the patient must lift the legs, to give the drink a glass of water, and nitroglycerin are no longer giving.
However, if symptoms of heart attack survived (approximately 5-7 minutes after the first medication), you must give a second tablet of nitroglycerin (0, 5gr).

If you still have pain after the second medication, must be given nitroglycerin and the third time.
Using CARDIOVISOR and service Kardi.Ru, ECG can be removed before the arrival of the doctor to get a preliminary assessment of the evolving pathology.

If before the arrival of the doctor the patient lost consciousness, it is necessary, first, to check breathing, heartbeat and pulse. Further, if the listening heart, but man is not breathing, start doing reproductive respiration "mouth to mouth". The head of the victim should be kept back-thrown back to its language not covered him throat. If cardiac arrest occurred must begin to do heart massage. It requires alternating with isckustvennym breath-at 15 pressing on the chest to produce 3 artificial breath.

On arrival, the doctors need to show him all the drugs that were given to the patient, as well as specify the drugs that cause a patient allergies and are intolerant to the patient. Greatly facilitate the work of the doctor will be able to phase out regular ECG monitoring, which the doctor will be able to navigate in the development of disease.

We should not forget that the late appeal to a doctor can cost lives.

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